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If you missed visiting my booth at the Strawberry Festival or want to order more from the booth selection, this is the place! The first time you will ever see my images on merchandise; dresses, tiles, notecards, etc. Let me know what you think.

Colorful image of Dona Diva on balck t-shirt by Patricia Dubroof
Cotton T-Shirt
One Size Fits ALL
Small print of "Dona Diva" painting by Patricia Dubroof
Color Reproduction
5 x 7 inches framed
"The Diva's Mouth" by Susan Leonardi and Rebecca Pope, with a cover illustration of "Dona Diva Sings" by Patricia Dubroof
Body, Voice, Prima Donna Politics , non-fiction
5 x 7 inches
Pie recipe and plate designed by Patricia Dubroof for the "Artful Pie Cookbook" by Lisa Cherkasky and Renee Comet
Full Color Cook Book
12 x 12 inches
A colorful booklet of two stories in one about self-discovery by Patricia Dubroof
Offset press
3 x 5 inches