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This folder contains Patricia Dubroof's work in a variety of media from a self -produced Artist book to a coffee table recipe book!! They are in limited supply and make delightful gifts.

Colorful image of Dona Diva on balck t-shirt by Patricia Dubroof
Cotton T-Shirt
One Size Fits ALL
Small print of "Dona Diva" painting by Patricia Dubroof
Color Reproduction
5 x 7 inches framed
"The Diva's Mouth" by Susan Leonardi and Rebecca Pope, with a cover illustration of "Dona Diva Sings" by Patricia Dubroof
Body, Voice, Prima Donna Politics , non-fiction
5 x 7 inches
Pie recipe and plate designed by Patricia Dubroof for the "Artful Pie Cookbook" by Lisa Cherkasky and Renee Comet
Full Color Cook Book
12 x 12 inches
A colorful booklet of two stories in one about self-discovery by Patricia Dubroof
Offset press
3 x 5 inches