Art For Your Walls
Blow up friend by Patricia DubroofAddition of an animal by Patricia DubroofThose playful things by Patricia DubroofJust a splinter by Patricia DubroofYellow headache by Patricia DubroofStar shutters by Patricia DubroofElephant bathers by Patricia DubroofSee the birdie by Patricia DubroofSailor kickbacks by Patricia DubroofTrying my best to re-enter the universe by Patricia DubroofLeft arm choices by Patricia DubroofThe kids shouldn't be left alone on the street its too dangerous by Patricia DubroofFrozen stael by Patricia DubroofComposition with four figures by Patricia DubroofDead serious by Patricia DubroofCowgirl dancer by Patricia DubroofCabin fever by Patricia DubroofBrazilian dancers by Patricia DubroofAll dressed up no place to go by Patricia DubroofPlease take me with you after themBelated DeparturesDona DivaMa de DeuxPrimitve Toy Held by Boy in Pink ShirtAs A TeamCourting the Cello
Large Format Paintings
The bold colors, dynamic movement, and sheer size of these paintings force you to engage the moment you see them. Some are as wide as seven feet, and many were inspired by music. The pieces in this powerful series easily become an inspiring feature in any space they adorn.